Friday, January 6, 2017

UFO Challenge with Patchwork Times

This year I want to set aside time to work on projects I've let sit in my stash for many years. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a UFO that has been haunting your to-do list finally make its way into the realm of finished quilts! The hardest part of this process can sometimes be picking a quilt to start with.

Fortunately, Judy of Patchwork Times is hosting a UFO 2017 challenge. All you need to do is post a list of 12 UFO's in no particular order at the start of the year. Then, each month, Judy will randomly choose a number - and that is the quilt on your list that you will work on!

~ Here is my list for 2017 ~

1. Galaxy Quilt (one block of 9 completed) Started 2016

2. Gift Boxes Quilt (two blocks of 12 completed) Started 2016
3. Granny Squared (quilt top completed) Started 2014
4. ABC Quilt (needs borders) Started 2014
5. Elizabeth Hexagons (quilt top completed) Started 2014
6. Hushabye Rows (quilt top completed) Started 2013
7. Niner Quilt (cutting completed, started piecing) Started 2014

8. Flowering Snowball (need to join rows together) Started 2014 ~ Featuring an older photo of my gorgeous baby boy kitty who sadly passed away this year. 

9. Road 15 Checkerboard (blocks completed, sashing required) Started 2014

10. Neptune Log Cabin (half way through cutting out) Started 2014
11. Aboriginal Diamonds (cutting completed) Started 2013
12. Fox Field Bear Paw (needs borders - 3 of them. Yikes!) Started 2014

Because I know that January's number is 3, this means that this month I will be finishing off my Granny Squared quilt! I can't wait to get started. 

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