Friday, October 10, 2014

Operation Sock Drawer

This week has seen the beginning of something new. SOCK KNITTING! Who knew it was so addictive, but the ability to start and finish these stunning projects is very appealing during a time in my life when finishing anything crafty is rare (last semester of my university double degrees so everything's getting pretty hectic!).

The socks that started it all! I had purchased the yarn from Spotlight a number of years ago, but had never gotten the hang of the four DPNs and so they were put away.

Of course this set off a sock yarn buying spree. I had never been to my closest yarn shop Yarn Glorious Yarn before, but after my successful pair of socks I knew I had to stop by. Two weeks and two visits later I had the beginnings of a lovely sock stash including yarn, books, and needles.

Aren't they gorgeous! I have already started on my second pair of socks using the purple/green Ella Rae yarn in the bottom right corner of the photo, but you can't see them yet as I am not far enough along for the pattern to really be visible.

Despite this sudden craze I haven't been abandoning my sewing completely in favor of sock knitting. Apart from making up this cute as Halloween pouch using my mother's very own original design...

...I also taught this Bucket Brigade class a couple of weeks ago at my LQS, Patches Indooroopilly.

And of course there is this lovely quilt. The quilt top is now completed and sitting in the ever growing pile of completed quilt tops waiting for finishing off. I could have taken a photo of the blocks pieced together, but I just had to share this one of Mr Photogenic (aka Maui) modelling the layout on my design wall/floor.

Cats, am I right?! As soon as something fabric-y falls/lands/is placed on the floor they come out of the woodwork's where they have been hiding all day and claim it as their own. Now I know how cats got their nine lives - their undeniable cuteness that lets them get away with anything!

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