Sunday, August 3, 2014

'New' Sewing Machine

I say new, but clearly that is not the case. Just, new to me.

Isn't she gorgeous! One of the lady's I work with was trying to sell it on her Facebook page, and luckily another work mate saw it and told me! I've been looking for a vintage machine for ages which was within driving distance.

She appears to be in good working condition; just in desperate need of a little TLC. She came with a number of accessories, including at least 6 additional feet and a handful of 'bobbins'. I say 'bobbins' because this machine actually uses a shuttle. I'm a little hesitant to attempt to thread it until I can locate a basic manual or threading guide. Nevertheless, this machine is stunning! I can't help feeling like this is only the beginning. I can definitely see collecting old sewing machines in my future ;)

In other news, I had a blast last week, teaching This&That's great Suzy's Sack pattern in one of Patches Indooroopilly's monthly mini-class clubs. After spending hours cutting out the club kits, it was fantastic to see how well they all came together!

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