Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day fun

Mother's Day was great fun this year. We went out to dinner at Hog's Breath, and saw the movie "The Other Woman" at the cinemas. Naturally, there was also the giving of gifts. One gift is still in the works. Unfortunately something came up and I couldn't get cracking on this project in time. Nevertheless, there has been some progress. 

Here is the first block of a wall hanging using the Mini Swoon pattern by Thimbleblossoms. 

Doesn't it look cute! 65 pieces in this square alone (the remaining three are cut out and ready to stitch).  I can't wait to finish this one so it can hang on the wall. Mum's excited too - yes she knows about it. A bit hard to keep secrets when you sew in the same room. Besides, I wanted her to choose her fabrics for it (Good Fortune by Kate Spain).

Speaking of progress, in between waiting times etc, this little number has been steadily growing. My first attempt at cable (I thought it would be better to practice on something smaller - bag - than going straight to something larger - jumper). It has been turning out quite nicely.

Another project I can't wait to see completed. There seems to be a lot of those doesn't there?

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  1. Love your swoon block! It's gorgeous and the colors are fantastic.

  2. I just adore those mini swoon blocks. What a perfect mini quilt for the wall. Also very impressed with the cable knitting! It looks like part of something you'd buy in a store.

  3. I'm such a sucker for the Swoon pattern - both large and small. This block looks great and I can't wait to see what other blocks you make.

    I'm so envious of your knitting - would love to be a knitter, shame I have so many other projects on the go. ;) :)

  4. Gorgeous! 65 pieces? That's dedication to the art :)

  5. Excited to see the mini swoon. I'm also working on these little boogers. Your block looks great, but seriously...65 pieces, right?