Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew

The Brookfield Show was on last weekend, and I had entered three of my quilts in for judging.

My Inevitable Cat quilt was entered into the Red and White challenge section, and amazingly it placed first! It is the second year the Show has held a quilting challenge. Next year's will be Blue and White.

My Radiant Crossing quilt also placed first, in the Traditional Pieced Category!

I also managed to complete my Sierra Migration Quilt just in time for it to also be entered into the Traditional Pieced category, however it did not place. Still! I am very excited to have finished it. This quilt was, after all, #11 on my Q2FAL list, as well as being the quilt I was pattern testing for Pieced With Love. This pattern has now been released, and if you are interested in making it yourself, just follow the link :)

The best part about entering quilt shows? Getting to see your quilts hung up (and the chance to get a decent photo!). The second best part about entering? Winning a 'Get a Clue with Nancy Drew' charm pack!!

Isn't it cute! As soon as I saw it I knew I could never cut up the squares. There was only one pattern I could think of that would a) use all of the squares without cutting, and b) make a feature of the fabrics. Red Pepper Quilt's Economy block! I did the math, and with the charm packs as the center squares, my blocks will finish at 9".

I decided that the first row of triangles would have to be solids, to let the prints stand out. The final row of triangles would be an assortment of prints to complement. I'm still deciding on what those will be. One step at a time!

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