Friday, April 11, 2014

Start of Quarter Two List

Last quarter I managed to complete two out of ten projects on my list. I have high hopes of beating that score this quarter. Here is my list of hopefuls:

1. Blue and White HST's. Back from the first quarter (as  most of my projects are) I have high hopes of finishing the top at least this quarter. As I said before, there is a deadline for this project. So if I don't manage to complete it by the end of this quarter, I know I definitely have to by the end of the third.

2. Garden Fence QAL. No progress was made on this quilt yet again last quarter. But I hope that by sheer determination (and stubbornness) of leaving it on this list, it will eventually get done.

3. Saltwater Quilt. Still needs quilting and binding.

4. Aqua Cable Bag. No progress has been made on it since last quarter.

5. Aqua and Grey Quilt. A lot of progress has been made on this quilt. I have cut everything out. Two blocks are completed, and the rest are halfway there. Hoping to at least get this top done this quarter.

6. Tartan Bag. The pieces have been cut out, and some of the sewing together has been done. But I got stuck on the piping.

7. 1+2 Folk Tale Quilt. The top of this one is done! Now it is just in the pile for quilting and binding.

 8. Diamond EPP. Five blocks out of twelve were completed. However, progress on this stalled once I started my Diamonds in the Sky Tula Pink quilt kit. Hopefully I can spare some time this quarter to at least complete one block.

9. Blossom Quilt. The blocks were made for this one over six months ago. Just before the start of the new year I joined them all together. Now this quilt is just waiting on borders, backing to be pieced, then quilting and binding.

10. 16-Patch Quilt. I had been wondering what to do with my Road 15 charm packs and jelly roll for a while. When I saw the Moda Bakeshop tutorial for a 16-patch quilt in these very same fabrics, I knew what I had to do. On retreat last weekend, I started cutting out and piecing blocks together. I now have 41 out of 70 blocks done. I hope to at least complete the rest this quarter.

[photo from Kaufman website: Sierra range]
11. Volunteer Quilt. This quilt is kind of a secret for now. I am pattern testing a quilt pattern for Pieced with Love, and the top is due end of this month. Here's a picture of the fabrics I am using, but until the pattern is released I won't be able to show you the blocks. You'll just have to wait and see :)

12. Granny Square Quilt. Another Moda Bakeshop pattern. I had this half jelly roll for a while and I had no idea what to use it for. When I saw that this pattern only needed half the normal number of jelly roll strips I knew it would be perfect. And with the Granny Square craze at the moment, I couldn't help but jump at the chance to make one for myself.

Well there you have my list for this quarter of the 2014 Finish A Long. I look forward to seeing what everyone else is getting up to, and hopefully there will be more than two finishes from me next quarter!

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