Thursday, January 16, 2014

WIP - HST's and Diamonds

After finishing my Kaffe Fasset version of the Shadowbox quilt top (photo coming along soon), it has been full steam ahead on the blue HST’s quilt(s). And by full steam ahead I mean cutting... lots of it. 

And by lots, I mean that I have cut around 400 blue squares to make 800 4 1/2" HST's for two quilts. Let alone the equally matched set of white squares to go with that aren't pictured here. Fortunately this is a joint project, and my mother has kindly sewn the first 200 HST's pictured above. Now they are just waiting to be ironed out and trimmed back.And after that? Only 600 more to go. 

Needless to say after all of this cutting, not only did I need a break from this quilt, but I also ended up with a very happy little dilemma. Smallish scraps! I quickly whipped out my 1 ½” 6-point diamond EPP papers and stitched up a star. 

So cute! The first of many for these quilt scraps... just check out the pile of offcuts in the image below! There are at least 10 blocks worth of EPP diamonds in there just waiting to be stitched. And I intend to do just that :)

Linking at Scrap Happy’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014.


  1. I've always loved those hexie stars.

  2. Wonderful blues... That is a LOT of cutting!

  3. Love your hexi star! First one I've seen. Looks difficult.

  4. You have been so busy! I like your hexi star; I have been wanting to make these. I need to get some diamond shape paper pieces.

  5. Love your little star. So cute. So many pretty blues to play with. Lucky you.