Saturday, January 11, 2014

In Hand EPP Link Party: Kaffe Rose block and Diamond EPP quilt

English Paper Piecing has always been a particular love of mine. I just can’t seem to get enough of it. My only problem? I keep starting new projects. And because EPP projects tend to take awhile to complete, I end up having many EPP WIP’s lying around waiting for me to finish them.

So this year I decided to join the In Hand EPP Link Party over at Splish Splash Stash. This will give me the perfect opportunity showcase two of my current EPP projects, and potentially motivate myself to finish/ do some serious work on them between now and the next link up... while also oggling at the numerous stunning projects being posted by others [and maybe even finding inspiration for a new project :)]. 

First of two: Kaffe Fasset Rose Star block. I made this block using some of the scraps left over from the Shadowbox quilt I am making, as seen in my FAL Pre-Quarter 1 post. I had spotted the tutorial – and corresponding Flickr block party – over at Summerfete and knew I just had to give it a go. Now I have one block with no real plan, but heaps more scraps to make more blocks if I choose. I’m thinking that is the way to go, and so hopefully by next month this lonely block will have some brothers and sisters.

 Second of two: My Diamond EPP quilt. Also mentioned in my FAL Pre-Quarter 1 post, I have been piecing bits and pieces of this one for a while now, and am really hoping to complete it this year. 

Well that is all from me for this month. I'm trying to limit myself to only working on two EPP projects at a time, so that hopefully I might actually finish one! For someone who professes to be well versed in paper piecing... you would think I would have at least ONE finished EPP quilt to my name?


  1. Both projects are looking good and offer you some variety of fabrics and design. I really like the fabrics you have used in your Rose Star quilt and am looking forward to seeing more stars join this one.

  2. good luck on buckling down and finishing something! I know the temptation well to start something new constantly. I do that with my machine projects all the time. I think currently I have 7 wips going on that end. and although I already bought the paper pieces for the next two EPP projects I have in mind, I'm being good about sticking with my ferris wheels only there. I'm so glad you've joined the link up and look forward to seeing how you fare next month!

  3. I love your Rose Star Block. It looks fantastic in the Kaffe Fassett fabric :-)

  4. I've dedicated myself to finishing my EPP quilt this year. Good luck to both of us! The rose is a beauty. Put it on a bag maybe?

  5. Wow - that's a beauty! I think Hydeeann's party is a very good way to focus. It makes me get my EPP out at least once a month :-)

  6. Both of your projects look great! I'm excited to follow along with your progress each month!